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Stop Repression of Iranian Sugar Workers' Union! 18-Feb-2009

Hong Kong Unions demonstrate in support of UNITE/T&G Tesco Campaign 12-Feb-2009


IUF general secretary Ron Oswald: �We need a new international order where politics steer the economy� 11-Feb-2009


Casual-T Action: Justice for Lipton Workers in Pakistan! 11-Feb-2009
Solidarity picket in Moscow, 9 February 2009

IUF affiliated Unite (UK) briefing on Current UK power Industry Walkouts 09-Feb-2009

Goodbye Paraquat 06-Feb-2009
New study shows crop production not affected

The Unilever CSR Chronicles III: A Casual Journey Down the Path to Growth 03-Feb-2009


IUF Condemns Murders of Russian Union/Social Activists, Calls for Government Action 28-Jan-2009

Zimbabwe Farmworkers' Union Struggles with Spread of Cholera to Rural Areas 26-Jan-2009

Nestl� USA Ordered to Pay Back Wages to 6,000 Workers Clocking Off for Work Clothes Changes 26-Jan-2009

Italian Unions Oppose Layoffs, Outsourcing at Ciga Starwood Hotels 23-Jan-2009


Nestl� Hong Kong Workers Prepare for Industrial Action over Unfulfilled Commitments on Union Recognition, Precarious Contracts 20-Jan-2009

Canadian Supreme Court to Rule if Farmworkers are Human Beings� or 'Disposable Tools' 20-Jan-2009

Unilever Lipton Tea Workers Challenge Disposable Jobs Regime, Demand the Right � to Work for Unilever! 18-Jan-2009


BBC Defies Global Protests, Awards World Challenge Prize to Pearl Continental Owners' Charity Operation 23-Dec-2008

International Union Solidarity with UK Tesco Meatworker Campaign 22-Dec-2008


Hungarian, Korean Unions in Solidarity with UK Tesco Meatworker Campaign 15-Dec-2008

Workers at the World's Largest Meatpacking Plant Choose Union Representation 12-Dec-2008

Namibian High Court Upholds Ban on Labour Hire Agencies 04-Dec-2008

Last Non-Union JBS/Swift Plant in the USA Chooses UFCW Representation 02-Dec-2008


Norwegian Unions, IUF Call on Norway State Pension Fund: Just Say No to Private Equity, Hedge Funds 02-Dec-2008

Cargill Seara Poultry Workers Strike ends in Brazil 01-Dec-2008


Solidarity with hotel workers in India 28-Nov-2008

UK Royal Commission Warns of Lethal Impact of Unregulated Nanotech Products 18-Nov-2008

Cargill Seara Poultry Workers on Strike in Brazil 17-Nov-2008


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