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New Evidence on Harmful Impact of Diacetyl Exposure/Australian Union Action 28-Feb-2008

UK Foodworker Lungs Destroyed by Diacetyl Highlights Need for Global Action 22-Feb-2008

Global Day of Action March 6: Free Jailed Iranian Trade Unionists! 20-Feb-2008

Half Million Jobless as Bird Flu Spreads in Bangladesh 18-Feb-2008

The Unilever CSR Chronicles: Union-Busting Asian Management Sets New Standards 12-Feb-2008

Nestl� Russia tells workers, 'We don't negotiate wages!'�and asks, 'Do you trust President Putin?' 12-Feb-2008

Poultry Workers at Risk in Massive Avian Flu Outbreak in Bangladesh 08-Feb-2008

Anti-Union Aggression Intensifies at Unilever Pakistan 07-Feb-2008

New IUF Publication on Private Equity and Collective Bargaining 31-Jan-2008

Israeli Restaurant Workers Strike for Union Rights at Coffee Bean 28-Jan-2008


US Lawmakers Call for Urgent Action on Diacetyl 13-Jan-2008

New Study Highlights Potential Diacetyl Risk to Restaurant Workers 03-Jan-2008

Unite/T&G Targets Retailers in Campaign for Equal Treatment for Meat Workers 14-Dec-2007


Unilever Day of Action : Unions Demonstrate Global Solidarity in Opposition to Massive Job Cuts 06-Dec-2007


New Attacks on Korean Migrant Workers Union 05-Dec-2007

Private Equity Workshop Advances Union Bargaining Agenda 04-Dec-2007

T&G/UNITE's organizing drive in UK meat processing delivers results 03-Dec-2007

Unions Mobilize Internationally Against Global Job Destruction at Unilever 30-Nov-2007

Unilever Yet Again in the Dock at OECD over Human Rights Abuses - This Time in Pakistan 22-Nov-2007

Nestl� Profits from Tropical Storm in Dominican Republic to Replace Permanent Workers with Temps 22-Nov-2007


Appeals Court Confirms Illegal Dismissal of Iberostar Union Officer 19-Nov-2007

IUF Challenges Nestl� at ILO on Global Labour Relations 19-Nov-2007

Management Panics as Unilever India Workers Learn the Truth about the Mumbai Closure 19-Nov-2007

Work Stoppages Continue at Foster's in Support of Union Rights 19-Nov-2007

Mass Firing of Temporary Workers at Unilever Pakistan as Management Escalates Anti-Union Assault 15-Nov-2007

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