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Global food giant Dole accused of human rights hypocrisy 23-May-2006

FNV Demands Dutch Government Action on Musim Mas 19-May-2006

IUF Solidarity with Colombian Banana Workers as Union Prepares for Strike Action 18-May-2006

Threats Force Reynolds Tobacco Workers to Vote Down the Union 17-May-2006

May Day USA: Unions Proclaim Immigrant Rights are Worker Rights! 08-May-2006

RJ Reynolds and BAT Attack Union Rights in the United States 05-May-2006

IUF Charges Reynolds and BAT with OECD Guidelines Violations 05-May-2006

Amnesty International Highlights Imprisonment of Musim Mas 6 02-May-2006

Announced Sale of Unilever Frozen Foods Division Highlights Accelerated Job Destruction by New Financial Investors 02-May-2006

New Publication from Hong Kong tells the story of The HKCTU - How it All Began 01-May-2006

Unions Take Action at OECD on Sexual Harassment at PepsiCo 28-Apr-2006

New H5N1 Detection in the UK Highlights Urgent Need for Systematic Worker Protection 28-Apr-2006

Nestl� Europe Workers Challenge Company on Possible Musim Mas Link 25-Apr-2006

New Collective Agreement at Gate Gourmet D�sseldorf Ends 6-Month Strike 25-Apr-2006

European Unions in Solidarity with Musim Mas Workers Raise Pressure on EU Commisioners, Companies 20-Apr-2006

New H5N1 Outbreak Confirmed in Pakistan/Global Employment Crisis in Poultry Deepens 18-Apr-2006

Coca-Cola Unions in the Philippines expose false 'redundancies' as unfair labour practice aimed at destroying regular jobs, expanding precarious employment 18-Apr-2006

South African Unions Call for International Solidarity to Block Jobs-Destroying WTO Agreement 18-Apr-2006

Belarus: Repression Gains Momentum 14-Apr-2006
IUF Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

IUF calls on Indian supreme court to protect tea workers 12-Apr-2006
New reports highlight workers' plight

Struggle Brings Results at Coca-Cola Colombia 12-Apr-2006

Nestl� Philippines Unions Issue New Challenge to Rampant Casualization 12-Apr-2006

Global Union Support for Musim Mas Workers 10-Apr-2006

IUF Cautions Coca-Cola - Don't Misread UK Students Vote Against a Campus Coke Boycott! 10-Apr-2006

Coca-Cola Union Wins Improved Collective Bargaining Agreement in Colombia/Temporary Work Contracts Made Permanent Jobs 03-Apr-2006

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