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Guyanese Unions Demand EU Withdraws Sugar Price-cut Proposal 06-Aug-2004

Wal-Mart workers in Quebec win union recognition 05-Aug-2004

The agricultural employment situation in the EU: the perspective of the European Economic and Social Committee 29-Jul-2004

Norwegian brewery union fights tax proposal 28-Jul-2004

IUF convenes largest-ever meeting of Coca-Cola/FEMSA unions in the Americas. 26-Jul-2004

IUF Global Sugar Conference: Responding to Challenges in the Sector 24-Jul-2004

Swedish Unions Gain at Temporary Work Agencies 21-Jul-2004

Nigerian Government Plans Legislative Attack on Trade Union Rights 19-Jul-2004

U.S. Congressman Calls on Major International Organizations to Boycott Raffles Cambodia 19-Jul-2004

New ILO Report on the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Workers 14-Jul-2004

Call for Action on Canceling Developing Country Debt 12-Jul-2004

[Members Only] The Sugar Worker, June 2004. News from the Sugar Sector. 08-Jul-2004

Raffles Refuted: An Anatomy of Union-Busting 06-Jul-2004

Australian Union Solidarity with Cambodian Raffles Workers 25-Jun-2004


[Members Only] IUF A/P Women's Committee Adopts Agenda for Workplace Change 23-Jun-2004

Thai Hotel Unions Show Solidarity with Cambodian Raffles Workers 22-Jun-2004


IUF Welcomes ILO Action Plan on Migrant Workers 18-Jun-2004

Colombia Banana Strike Ends in Union Victory 14-Jun-2004

UK Unions Take Action in Solidarity with Cambodian Hotel Workers 09-Jun-2004

Parmalat Workers' Bulletin No. 06-2004 07-Jun-2004

Norwegian Brewery Strike Results in Agreement Setting Strict Limits on Temporary Hires 02-Jun-2004

[Members Only] The Sugar Worker, May 2004. News from the Sugar Sector. 01-Jun-2004

Outlaw Raffles Again Flouts Cambodian Law, Walks out of Arbitration 24-May-2004

Norwegian Hotel, Restaurant Strike Brings Employers Back to Negotiations/New National Agreement 17-May-2004

PepsiCo Denies EWC Seats to Polish Union Delegates 17-May-2004

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