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Belarussian Union Leader Released from Prison 01-Oct-2003

Provisional Victory in Continuing Struggle for Rights at Pakistan Sugar Mill 01-Oct-2003

Coca-Cola Continues to Oppose Union Organization in Russia 18-Sep-2003

Solidarity Leads to Wage Settlement at Unilever India 12-Sep-2003

Hong Kong Government Bows to Pressure, Shelves "Anti-Subversion" Laws...for now 08-Sep-2003

[Members Only] The Sugar Worker, July - August 2003. News from the Sugar Sector. 07-Sep-2003

IUF Campaign Success: Accor Confirms Withdrawal From Burma 25-Aug-2003

New Collective Agreement for Italian Tourism Workers 19-Aug-2003

Cyprus: Union Mobilization Wins New Collective Agreement in the Hotel Sector 13-Aug-2003

Hotel Workers Again Pay Heavy Toll in Jakarta Hotel Bombing 11-Aug-2003

Moscow Coca-Cola Union Leader Reinstated By Court Following Union Recognition Win 08-Aug-2003

Smithfield - campaign for union rights goes global 31-Jul-2003

Anti-Union Wal-Mart ordered by judge to bargain with a UFCW meat cutters' local at a Texas store � a union first! 16-Jul-2003

A Charter of Rights for Migrant Workers in Agriculture 14-Jul-2003

Successful Defense of Union Gains at Coca-Cola Colombian Bottler 11-Jul-2003

Positive Result at Nestl� El Salvador - Conflict Ends in Negotiated Solution 08-Jul-2003

[Members Only] The Sugar Worker, June 2003. News from the Sugar Sector. 08-Jul-2003

British American Tobacco (BAT) Out of Burma!/ Exiled Prime Minister Repeats Call for Divestment 08-Jul-2003
BAT's plant in Rangoon. The company bought the Rothmans brand name in 1999.


Sugar Workers Successfully Defend Union Rights in Pakistan 01-Jul-2003

Iraq: No Democracy Without Strong Unions/Labour Must Act Now 11-Jun-2003

Union Campaign Wins Improved Terms for AmBev Uruguay Workers in Brewery Closure 03-Jun-2003

Austrian Unions Strike to Save Threatened Pension System 03-Jun-2003
�GB President Verzetnitsch with striking Coca-Cola workers


[Members Only] The Sugar Worker, May 2003. News from the Sugar Sector. 02-Jun-2003

[Members Only] Coca-Cola Workers' Bulletin, Nr. 01 � 05/2003 30-May-2003

[Members Only] HRCT Workers' Bulletin, # 20 - 2003 27-May-2003

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