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New Agreement Brings Gains for Chicago Hotel Workers 09-Sep-2002

World Summit Recognises Role of Agricultural Workers in Sustainable Agriculture 01-Sep-2002

Turkish Union Campaign Wins Rights for Agricultural Workers 27-Aug-2002

Launch of “The International Cocoa Initiative – working towards responsible labour standards for cocoa growing” 22-Jul-2002

3rd ITF/IUF Airline Catering Meeting 01-Jul-2002

June 20 - General Strike in Spain 18-Jun-2002

Striking Ecuadorian Banana Workers to Visit Europe as International Support Builds 17-Jun-2002

Hershey Strike Ends in Union Victory 17-Jun-2002

"Our Team Won't be at the World Cup": Solidarity Campaign to Free Imprisoned Korean Trade Unionists 03-Jun-2002


Workers Remember: Solidarity with China's workers yesterday and today 28-May-2002

"Strong Unions - Safe Work - Good Food" - the IUF 24th Congress 22-May-2002
UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson emphasising the importance of the rights theme at the 24th Congress


New IUF Publication on The WTO and the World Food System: A Trade Union Approach 03-May-2002


IUF affiliate BCTGM's 2,800 members on strike at Hershey Food, USA 27-Apr-2002

"Tainted Harvest" - Human Rights Watch Report Reveals Child Labour and Worker Rights Abuses in Ecuador's Banana Fields 25-Apr-2002

Global Food Conference in Sweden. 18-Apr-2002
Municipal Workers' Union president Ylva Thörn opens the conference


Nestlé Union Wins Contract Fight in El Salvador 12-Apr-2002

April 16 - General Strike in Italy 11-Apr-2002

IUF and New Zealand Dairy Workers' Union Sign International Union Rights Agreement with Fonterra 08-Apr-2002

Colombia: SICO and Coca-Cola franchise sign new CBA in Urabá 28-Mar-2002

Independent Workers' Leaders Arrested as Mass Labour Protests Rock China 22-Mar-2002

International Union Solidarity Group in Korea as Anti-union Repression Mounts/ KCTU President Dan Byong-ho Receives Two-year Prison Sentence 18-Mar-2002
International union representatives join demonstration outside court


Victory for IUF affiliated hotel workers in Korea against sexual harassment 18-Mar-2002

Unions Rights agreement signed between the TGWU and the COMPASS GROUP in the UK. 06-Mar-2002

International Women's Day 2002: Celebrate March 8 by Organizing! 04-Mar-2002

IUF Convenes Historic First Meeting of CIS Affiliates. 4-Mar-2002
Representatives from 13 CIS affiliates, from the IUF Geneva and Moscow offices and the ILO.


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