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Iranian Bakers' Leader, Other May Day Prisoners Released/Success for International Solidarity 13-May-2004

Raffles Cambodia Management Loots Hotel Union Office, Sets Up Yellow Union as Hundreds of Union Members are Sacked 12-May-2004

[Members Only] The Sugar Worker, April 2004. News from the Sugar Sector. 02-May-2004

Employers Retaliate, Sack Union Members Following Cambodian Hotel Strike 22-Apr-2004

IUF affiliate and Colombian Coca-Cola bottler sign agreement - union rights clauses maintained in full 16-Apr-2004

T&G Contests Planned Nestl´┐Ż UK Plant Closure 01-Apr-2004

Parmalat Workers' Bulletin No. 05-2004 31-Mar-2004

European Unions Call for Mass Action April 2-3 25-Mar-2004

[Members Only] The Sugar Worker, February & March 2004. News from the Sugar Sector. 15-Mar-2004

Members Vote Overwhelmingly for New Agreement to End Four Month California Supermarket Strike/Lockout 13-Mar-2004

"Learn English at Hilton University" - But Not if You're a Union Member at Turkey's Ankara Hilton 12-Mar-2004

IUF Solidarity with Spanish Unions Following Madrid Train Bombings 12-Mar-2004

One-Third of Global Meat Exports Affected by Animal Disease 04-Mar-2004

International Women's Day: Special Number of Women at Work 02-Mar-2004

Environmental Groups and Trade Unions Mount Legal Challenge to EU Paraquat Approval 02-Mar-2004

Parmalat Workers' Bulletin No. 04-2004 27-Feb-2004

IUF and Chiquita Agree on Conditions for Maintaining Respect for Union Rights as Company Enters Negotiations for Sale of Colombian Operations 26-Feb-2004

Scottish & Newcastle Announces Closure of Edinburgh Brewery 24-Feb-2004

T&G Mobilizes to Oppose Planned Edinburgh Brewery Closure 20-Feb-2004

[Members Only] IUF Coca-Cola Africa Regional Meeting Demands Action on Aids, Contract Workers 12-Feb-2004

"Sustainable Growth" Plan at Kraft Brings 6,000 Job Cuts Worldwide 10-Feb-2004

Club Med and IUF Sign International Agreement on Fundamental Rights at Work 06-Feb-2004

Club Med and IUF Sign International Agreement on Fundamental Rights at Work 06-Feb-2004

Parmalat Workers' Bulletin No. 03-2004 05-Feb-2004

[Members Only] The Sugar Worker, January 2004. News from the Sugar Sector 03-Feb-2004

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