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August 9 - International Day of Solidarity with Imprisoned Iranian Workers 01-Aug-2007

H5N1 Outbreak In India Highlights Persistence of Global Threat 27-Jul-2007

UK Coca-Cola Workers on Strike 26-Jul-2007


Tough Strike Continues at Molson-Coors Canada Brewery 25-Jul-2007

UK Union Wins Compensation for Repetitive Strain Injuries at Nestlé 25-Jul-2007

Speedup Kills! Union Rally at Cargill Brazil Highlights Death on the Job 24-Jul-2007


InBev/Quilmes Workers in Argentina Repel Cost-Cutting, Layoffs 17-Jul-2007

Imprisoned Bakers' Union Leader in Iran Denied Vital Medical Treatment/Bus Union Leader Kidnapped 11-Jul-2007

French Court Upholds Primacy of ILO Conventions Over 'Illegal' Employment Contracts 10-Jul-2007

Arrest Warrants for Korean Metal Union Leaders Following Strikes Against Free Trade Agreement 09-Jul-2007

Exploited, Fired, Now Expelled? Immigrant Workers Occupy Paris Buffalo Grill 02-Jul-2007

Trade Union Rights ŕ la McDonald's - Woman Union Leader Sacked 02-Jul-2007

Coca-Cola, Guatemala: STECSA signs new collective agreement 28-Jun-2007

China: Campaign to Free Labour Activists 27-Jun-2007

Coke Korea Unions secure agreement on employment security, CBA succession & trade union recognition as condition of sale 27-Jun-2007

IUF statement on visit of President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse to the ILO Conference June 15, 2007 14-Jun-2007

Settlement in Long-running InBev Montenegro Dispute 13-Jun-2007

New partnership for the elimination of child labour in agriculture 12-Jun-2007

Strike at Nestlé Waters in Germany Ends in Success 30-May-2007

New IUF Publication: A Workers' Guide to Private Equity 23-May-2007

Strike at Nestlé Waters in Germany 16-May-2007

Union-busting at BAT Malaysia 14-May-2007

Mobilisation in Support of Collective Bargaining in Italy 11-May-2007

Coca-Cola Korea Unions Demand CBA Renewal, Employment Guarantees in Company Selloff 03-May-2007

April 28 - International Union Action on Occupational Cancer 25-Apr-2007

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