Global Hotel Monitor

As an organization in constant contact with thousands of hotel workers world-wide the IUF is regularly informed of labour disputes arising in the global hotel sector.

This list shows hotels where there are ongoing or potential labour conflicts. Hotels where such conflicts exist may not provide the same level of reliability and quality of service to guests that guests would normally expect.

Tour-operators, travel agencies and individuals making travel and tourism decisions for clients or for themselves might find such information helpful and are therefore invited to consult this list of hotels.

Only cities where such situations are ongoing are included under each country in this list.

The information in this list is based on information received from IUF-affiliated unions in the countries concerned and any listing is included in good-faith based on this information. Travel industry professionals are advised to directly raise questions about specific hotels with either the IUF (contact the IUF at [email protected]) or locally with the hotel itself.

The site is regularly up-dated.

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