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Stop Nespressure: UNIA and IUF demand global rights for Nestl� workers world-wide

Posted to the IUF website 14-Jul-2009

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The IUF and the Swiss union UNIA organised a joint press conference in the Swiss capital of Bern on 10 June to launch the "Stop Nespressure" campaign in Switzerland and call on Nestl� to Stop the Nespressure and respect fundamental trade union rights!

Based on concrete examples of past and present conflicts, the IUF described how Nestl� systematically violates rights wherever it can, rights which it claims to respect in public statements and glossy publications. As part of the Stop Nespressure campaign, a dedicated website reveals the reality behind the image-enhancement under the headings "NestLies" and "CSI: Corporate Social Irresponsibility".

Natalie Imboden, food sector secretary at UNIA, underlined the importance for UNIA, as member of the IUF and industrial counterpart of Nestl� in Switzerland, that Nestl� ensures that trade union rights are respected world-wide. She demanded that Nestl� play an active role in resolving the current conflicts in Indonesia, and in India, Korea and Hong Kong, and that it supports rather than hinders the exercise of trade union rights.

Andr� Daguet, member of the Swiss parliament for the Socialist Party and former member of UNIA's Executive Board, in speaking about the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, pointed out that Nestl� took first place for the number of complaints filed against a multinational - 6 complaints, 5 of which have been filed by the IUF on behalf of its affiliates. He expressed the hope that Switzerland, as home to the corporate headquarters of a number of multinationals, would contribute to the development of the Guidelines into binding standards.

Natalie Imboden (UNIA) and Jacqueline Baroncini (IUF) present Stop Nespressure
Photo: Norbert Braun, UNIA

The event received good media attention in Switzerland. Click here for the IUF press release.

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