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Worldwide Actions June 26 Demand Justice for Iranian Workers

Posted to the IUF website 30-Jun-2009

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Caribbean sugar and banana unions show solidarity with imprisoned Iranian Haft Tapeh sugar union leaders at an IUF meeting in Jamaica.

Actions were carried out by unions (including IUF affiliates) and labour rights supporters in over 40 countries on June 26 - declared as a global action day to demand full respect for trade union rights and freedom for all jailed trade unionists in Iran. Responding to the call from IUF, ITF, Education International, ITUC and Amnesty International, demonstrations and other actions were held at Iranian embassies, consulates and missions in major cities in every region of the world, while unions, Amnesty sections and NGOs elsewhere protested, sent messages and showed their solidarity and support with workers in Iran in many creative ways. The show of support for Iranian workers was all the stronger in that repression and denial of trade union rights and freedoms was overshadowed by general outrage over the bloody crackdown on peaceful post-election protests.

Full coverage of the global action day is available at www.justiceforiranianworkers.org

Act Now! - CLICK HERE to send a message to the Iranian state and judicial authorities, calling on them to immediately and unconditionally annul the sentences against the Haft Tapeh sugar union leaders!