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Hong Kong: Action to Support dismissed Cambodia NagaCorp Workers

Posted to the IUF website 22-May-2009

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The HKCTU, along with civil society and NGO groups staged a protest at the door of the Annual General Meeting of Naga Corp in Hong Kong on 18th May 2009. The president of the CTWSF in Cambodia, Sok Narith who was one of the 14 workers dismissed in January this year attendded the protest. He was seeking to speak with shareholders about the union's outstanding issues with the company, including reinstatemnt of the dismissed workers. Naga Corp denied this demand, stating "This is a local cambodian issue and the Hong Kong trade unions and labour groups do not need to be involved"

This is ironic considering the fact that Nagacorp, which is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, is listed in Hong Kong, thereby opening the way for Hong Kong citizens to join in exploitative labour practices by buying company shares.

At the protest, Sok Narith also restated the union demands, calling upon Nagacorp management and shareholders to:

1.Reinstate the 14 dismissed union activists unconditionally and immediately
2.Allow and facillitate normal trade union activity as prescribed under Cambodian Labour Law
3.To engage constructively in industrial dialogue and negotiation
4.To ensure the welfare and well being of all workers at Nagaworld
5.To abide fully by all aspects of Cambodian labour law