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Belgian unions protest against AB-InBev management bonuses

Posted to the IUF website 06-May-2009

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On April 28, a hundred Union activists from the Belgian Unions CSC and FGTB held a protest action at the AB InBev headquarters in Louvain, Belgium, against the excessive bonuses for brewery top management executives. For instance, AB Inbev's CEO Carlos Brito may receive a bonus of 70 million euro in 2013.

The CSC and FGTB complain about the fact that such excessive bonuses are in sharp contrast with the current economic situation and the cost reductions imposed by InBev AB management to its operations. These cost reduction policies cause substantial social damage to AB InBev workers all over the world. For the Belgian unions it is unacceptable that a handful of top managers receive such disproportionate bonuses while thousands of AB InBev workers are facing employment and economic uncertainty. Belgian unions plan to intensify their actions against the practice of granting scandalous bonuses to corporate management.