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Nestl� Hong Kong: Strike action wins dramatic step-down from management

Posted to the IUF website 22-Feb-2009

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Hong Kong Nestl� workers took strike action at 6.30 am on Saturday morning to force the reinstatement of their suspended union president.

Within five hours management had agreed to meet the union and, faced with strong united action, withdrew the suspension of union president Chan Pong Yin and another worker suspended at the same time.

Saturday's picket line at Nestl�'s Hong Kong plant

The IUF had directly contacted Nestl� headquarters and called for direct intervention with their local management and a swift and fair end to this most recent conflict.

In Geneva IUF general secretary Ron Oswald commented, "It's good to see that Nestl� has seen sense in this case and we congratulate our members for their determined and courageous action in defence of their union". Oswald added, "Now we look to Nestl� to end its constant harassment of these workers and our members' effort to build a strong independent union. We demand the company fully recognizes their union with all the associated rights our members have every reason to expect."

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