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IUF-affiliated Resorts World Employees' Union of Malaysia Launches Migrant Workers Organizing Initiative

Posted to the IUF website 24-Mar-2009

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The Resorts World Employees' Union of Malaysia (RWEU) has launched an important organizing initiative targeting migrant workers.

The union launched its "International Union Card" campaign to all union members and and the many migrant workers working for this employer.

The international card formally gives these workers formally membership of the IUF without creating legal problems related to migrant workers' eligibility for union membership of the RWEU itself. In practical terms the IUF will now represent these workers but will ask its local affiliate, the RWEU, the act on its behalf in such cases.

The union stresses this is an ongoing process and is already creating awareness and curiosity amongst Resorts World workers, notably migrant workers.

The union plans to link up with other IUF affiliates from countries supplying some of the migrant workforce to further develop its scheme.

The scheme was presented by RWEU President Robert Vijendran Henry and warmly welcomed by IUF general secretary Ron Oswald who congratulated the RWEU on the scheme and described it as an important and creative new initiative to bring the strength of union organization to some of the most vulnerable workers in the hotel and gaming sector.