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Workers on the Move - New IUF Booklet on Organizing Migrant Workers in Agriculture.

Posted to the IUF website 29-Oct-2008

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The IUF has published a new booklet to encourage and assist unions to organize and represent migrant workers in agriculture. Workers on the move - organizing and defending migrant workers in agriculture and allied sectors, is based on extensive fieldwork by IUF Moscow agricultural coordinator Svetlana Boincean, drawing on case studies and work in Europe with additional examples from Central Asia, Argentina and global initiatives.

The booklet was launched at the Global Unions Forum on Migration, which preceded the 2nd inter-governmental Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) held in Manila, Philippines October 27-30. Trade unions and NGOs organized many events focusing on rights for migrant workers in the run up to the GFMD, including workshops, marches and demonstrations.

Svetlana Boincean (IUF Moscow office) and Vicky Kanyoka (CHODAWU, Tanzania)

Vicky Kanyoka from the IUF's Tanzanian affiliate CHODAWU also participated in the Forum and represented the IUF at the 3rd International Workshop on Domestic Work, also held in Manila.

Workers and Unions on the Move is currently available only in English. It will soon be published in Russian and the IUF hopes to publish translations in additional languages. The manual can be downloaded (in pdf format) here.

Printed copies are available from the secretariat for the cost of packing/shipping - please write the secretariat to order.