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Help NSZZ Solidarnosc halt mass layoffs at Polish turkey processor Indykpol!

Posted to the IUF website 31-Jul-2008

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Leading Polish turkey processor Indykpol announced collective dismissals of a total of 264 employees at its plant in Świebodzin (under the Eldrob SA name) and Lublin. Indykpol management undertook this action at a time when employees at its operations were in an industrial dispute about decent pay and working conditions. The layoffs equal to about 60% of the total workforce in Świebodzin and 30% in Lublin.

While Indykpol owners and senior management justified their decision by blaming the company's bad financial situation, Polish IUF-affiliate NSZZ Solidarnosc believes that the layoffs are a retaliatory measure against workers on industrial dispute. The National Commission of NSZZ Solidarnosc has approved nation-wide strike actions against Indykpol's decision that will take place in Warsaw on August 8, 2008.

NSZZ Solidarnosc has requested international support through an on-line campaign. Click here to support the struggle of NSZZ Solidarnosc by sending a message to Indykpol corporate management in Poland.

The Polish union is calling on the company to:

- revoke its mass layoffs and swiftly restart good faith negotiations over pay and working conditions with Indykpol workers and their union representatives
- halt any retaliatory measures against workers and their representatives
- comply with social dialogue rules under European Union legislation and with �special dialogue� requirements on employment strategy

You can also send a message of solidarity to the union in your own language by e-mail to NSZZ Solidarnosc by writing to [email protected]

Copies of your messages will be automatically forwarded to the IUF and to the union. We thank you in advance for your solidarity and support.

We thank you in advance for your support!