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Fighting Job Destruction: IUF Manual on Outsourcing, Casualization and Contract Labour

Posted to the IUF website 18-Aug-2008

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The IUF has produced a manual on the union fightback against outsourcing and casualization in the food and beverage industry. The publication is designed for trade unionists who are confronting the growing prevalence of fixed-term contract employment, agency labour, outsourcing and other forms of precarious employment relationships. It grew out of our work with unions in the food and beverage sector worldwide struggling against casualization and outsourcing and the resulting destruction of permanent employment and erosion of union organizing and bargaining strength.

Drawn largely on experiences at Nestl´┐Ż, the manual contains information, analysis, case studies and examples of strategies for fighting outsourcing and casualization and lessons learnt from the experience of IUF affiliates around the world. It is a tool for union leaders, shop stewards, union educators, organizers and rank-and-file activists for raising awareness of the dangers of outsourcing and contract labour and mobilizing an effective union response. The goal is to strengthen strategic trade union approaches to combating precarious work and thereby strengthening union organizing and the labour movement as a whole.

The manual is available as a PDF download in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Romanian and Filipino, and (without graphics) in Bulgarian, Polish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. An abridged version is available in Serbian.

Click here to download the manual in English.