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UPDATE - Help Solidarnosc halt mass layoffs at Polish turkey processor Indykpol!

Posted to the IUF website 26-Sep-2008

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NSZZ Solidarnosc reports reaching provisional agreement with the company in this dispute, and warmly thanks all who have responded to this campaign.

Members of the Polish IUF affiliate NSZZ Solidarnosc demonstrated in Warsaw on August 8 in front of Rolmex, mother company of Indykpol, and again on August 29 at the headquarters of the National Poultry Council in Warsaw. The demonstrations were held to protest against mass layoffs implemented at leading national processor Indykpol during a conflict around wages and conditions.

Indykpol workers received support from workers at other leading meat processing companies in Poland such as Animex (owned by US-based Smithfield Foods) and Soko��w S.A. (owned by Danish Crown), who are also demanding decent pay and collective bargaining. Indykpol management has now come back to the negotiating table, with the participation of the Ministry of Labor.

NSZZ Solidarnosc meat workers and union members demonstrating in Warsaw on August 8 (above) and 29 (below)

NSZZ Solidarnosc acknowledges and thanks all those who responded to the IUF urgent action and asks for continued support.
Send a message to Indykpol corporate management in Poland to tell them to halt layoffs and negotiate in good faith with Solidarnosc!

The Polish union is calling on the company to:

- revoke its mass layoffs and swiftly restart good faith negotiations over pay and working conditions with Indykpol workers and their union representatives
- halt any retaliatory measures against workers and their representatives
- comply with social dialogue rules under European Union legislation and with �special dialogue� requirements on employment strategy