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Global Meat Unions in Solidarity with NGG on Strike at Vion-Foods' S�dfleisch

Posted to the IUF website 25-Jun-2008

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Meat workers' union representatives from around the world, meeting at the IUF Global Meat Conference held in Eastbourne, UK June 23-24, declared their solidarity with the strike by the German Food and Allied Workers' Union NGG at S�dfleisch, a subsidiary of the Dutch transnational VION-Foods. Collective bargaining negotiations broke down on June 23 over the company's insistence on extending the workweek by 4 hours with no increase in compensation over the life of the collective bargaining agreement. The union declared an unlimited strike at S�dfleisch plants in Waldkraiburg, Bayreuth, Weiden und Traunstein.

The Conference press release in solidarity with the NGG is available here. For updates, and to send a solidarity message, see the NGG website