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Global Meat Unions in Solidarity with NGG on Strike at Vion-Foods' Südfleisch

Posted to the IUF website 25-Jun-2008

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Meat workers' union representatives from around the world, meeting at the IUF Global Meat Conference held in Eastbourne, UK June 23-24, declared their solidarity with the strike by the German Food and Allied Workers' Union NGG at Südfleisch, a subsidiary of the Dutch transnational VION-Foods. Collective bargaining negotiations broke down on June 23 over the company's insistence on extending the workweek by 4 hours with no increase in compensation over the life of the collective bargaining agreement. The union declared an unlimited strike at Südfleisch plants in Waldkraiburg, Bayreuth, Weiden und Traunstein.

The Conference press release in solidarity with the NGG is available here. For updates, and to send a solidarity message, see the NGG website