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Solidarity with UK Meat Workers - Unions Target Marks & Spencer in Korea, Poland, Romania

Posted to the IUF website 25-Mar-2008

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IUF affiliates continue to mobilize worldwide in solidarity with the campaign by the T&G section of the UK Unite for equal treatment for agency workers supplying meat to Marks & Spencer.

On March 20, 40 representatives of over 10 food, service and manufacturing unions and the national center KCTU rallied outside the principal M&S outlet in Seoul. The rally included a special cultural performance created in solidarity with UK meat workers, reading of an open letter to M&S and a report by the rally organizers on the progress of the international union campaign.

Under the slogan, �One Europe means the same working conditions for all people�, the Solidarnosc food workers picketed and distributed leaflets despite heavy snow at two M&S locations in Warsaw, while in Bucharest, IUF-affiliated food workers set up a picket outside a shopping mall where an M&S store is located.

Polish food workers came in from the snow to pose in front of a shuttered M&S mall store.

Denied permission to leaflet in front of the M&S store in Bucharest, IUF-affiliated food workers in Romania picketed outside the shopping mall where the store is located.

To support the campaign, you can send a message to M&S corporate management by clicking here. Copies will be automatically sent to the T&G and to the IUF secretariat.