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Arrests in Moscow as Unions Show Support for UK Marks & Spencer Campaign

Posted to the IUF website 06-Mar-2008

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Moscow, March 6: police moved in to make arrests shortly after informational pickets appeared at a Moscow M&S.

Five participants in an IUF action at a central Moscow Marks & Spencer outlet on March 6 were arrested and charged with violating the law on public meetings. The arrested demonstrators included union officials, social activists and a journalist for the trade union press. Police moved in shortly after the picketing started, with an IUF representative explaining to the store manager that the IUF would continue support activity in Russia until Marks & Spencer signed an agreement with the T&G section of the UK Unite guaranteeing equal treatment for agency meat workers.

At the same time, an IUF group including the Swiss affiliate Unia picketed the M&S in downtown Geneva's busiest shopping street, publicizing the dispute in the UK and handing a letter to management. Shoppers and passers by were also informed of M&S Geneva's failure to apply the CBA and negotiate with Unia.

To support the campaign, you can send a message to M&S corporate management by clicking here. Copies will be automatically sent to the T&G and to the IUF secretariat.