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Nestl� Union in Pakistan wins crucial legal victory against corporate intimidation

Posted to the IUF website 09-Aug-2007

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On 28 July the Punjab Labour Court ruled in favour of the Employees Union at Nestle Milkpak, a member of the IUF-affiliated National Federation of Food, Beverage and Tobacco Workers, reaffirming the right to free union elections. This brings to an end months of intimidation and harassment by Nestle management which attempted to oust the democratically elected union president, Mohammad Hussein Bhatti.

Over the past year, the management at Nestle Kabirwala has interfered in union elections, overturning the election results; dismissed the elected union president, Brother Bhatti; fabricated signatures in court petitions; and violated a series of court orders following Brother Bhatti's reinstatement by the Labour Court. Despite being refused entry into the factory, Brother Bhatti won the union elections on 27 February 2007. But management continued to prevent him from entering the factory and petitioned in court for his dismissal.

On 28 July the Punjab Labour Court rejected the management's petition. The Court also directed the registrar of trade unions in Punjab to validate the election of Brother Bhatti and all the office bearers in his team.

The IUF has congratulated the union on this crucial legal victory which vindicates a long, determined and courageous struggle by union members and leaders against Nestl�'s attempts to interfere in union activities and influence elections.