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Imprisoned Eritrean Union Leaders Released

Posted to the IUF website 06-Aug-2007

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After more than two years' imprisonment without ever being charged, three Eritrean trade union leaders -Tewelde Ghebremedhin, Minase Andezion and Habtom Weldemicael - have been released.

Ghebremedhin and Andezion were arrested by security police on March 30, 2005. At the time of their arrest, they were the elected leaders of the national agro-food, tobacco and tourism union federation (affiliated to the IUF) and the textile and leather workers federation (affiliated to the ITGLWF). On April 9, police arrested Habtom Weldemicael, head of the Red Sea Bottlers Coca-Cola Workers Union and a member of the food and beverage federation executive.

The IUF, together with international union organizations and Amnesty International, campaigned energetically for their release. We thank all those who showed their solidarity and support.