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UK Union Wins Compensation for Repetitive Strain Injuries at Nestlé

Posted to the IUF website 25-Jul-2007

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The T&G section of Unite (formed by the recent fusion of the T&G and Amicus) has won financial compensation for 4 workers at the Nestlé instant coffee plant in Burton on Trent who developed identical repetitive strain injuries. All 4 workers developed tennis elbow - a painful, debilitating condition induced by repetitive twisting and lifting of the wrist - as a result of having to regularly free enormous blockages of coffee granules undergoing processing.

A local T&G representative commented that “Clearly there have been serious health and safety issues at Nestle UK Ltd, so we’re pleased with the successful outcome of these cases for our four members. All employers have a duty of care to their employees and Nestle is no exception.”

The IUF has led a long struggle for effective action to address the epidemic of RSI injuries at Nestlé's plant in Araras, near Sao Paolo, the company's largest plant in Brazil and the fourth largest Nestlé plant in the world.