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New IUF Publication: A Workers' Guide to Private Equity

Posted to the IUF website 23-May-2007

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The IUF first drew the attention of the international trade union movement to the growing scale of private equity buyouts in the context of the "financialization" of corporate investment to deliver maximum short term financial returns to shareowners. The secretariat has briefed UK and European parliamentarians on the threat of private equity, established a unique website on private equity in the IUF and other sectors (www.buyoutwatchinfo) and assisted affiliates in responding to private equity buyouts.

A workers guide to private equityThe secretariat has now published a A Workers' Guide to Private Equity, a 36 page A5 brochure, aimed at IUF affiliates and trade unions and their members around the world. Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish, the publication sets out in accessible language what private equity is, how it operates and the dangers it represents to workers and unions. It points to possible strategies in bargaining with the private equity funds who are becoming increasingly significant players as owners and employers in many IUF sectors. It explains how a specific political environment (deregulation) has made it possible for the funds to expand globally, and how political action can contain the funds.

Single copies of the brochure are CHF 5 per copy, plus postal charges (CHF 6.20 for Europe, CHF 8.50 for the rest of the world, for a total of CHF 11.20 for Europe and CHF 13.50 for the rest of the world).

Bulk copies of the brochure are available from the secretariat for CHF 3 per copy for orders of ten or more, plus postage. Bulk orders may be purchased by direct bank transfer, or we can invoice via paypal for secure online payment with a credit card. For more information, contact the secretariat at www.iuf.org

You can view a pdf version of the brochure by clicking here.

Secure credit card payments can be made online by clicking here:

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