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April 28 - International Union Action on Occupational Cancer

Posted to the IUF website 25-Apr-2007

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This year on April 28 � International Workers Memorial Day - unions internationally will focus on organizing to combat the epidemic of occupational cancers. At least 600,000 workplace-related deaths each year � over one third of all workplace-related deaths - are due to cancer, making it work's biggest killer, ahead of accidents and other diseases. These deaths are preventable.

Union action at the workplace and government regulation can identify, isolate and eliminate the sources of this epidemic. The IUF has joined together with the global union federations and the ITUC in publishing Occupational Cancer/Zero Cancer: a union guide to prevention. This concise publication details the workplace risks and gives practical guidelines on measures unions can take to ensure a safer workplace. On April 28, IUF affiliates and unions around the world will be holding a series of organizing and educational events to kick off the zero cancer campaign.

To download a copy of Occupational Cancer/Zero Cancer click here.