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ZCTU calls a nationwide work boycott in Zimbabwe

Posted to the IUF website 04-Apr-2007

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From ITUC Online (Brussels, 3 April 2007)
The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, the ZCTU, has called a general work stoppage throughout the country for 3 and 4 April. The ITUC fully supports its Zimbabwean affiliate's action. The stoppage has been called in protest at the government's failure to halt the dramatic economic decline in the country. Even those with a job are finding it virtually impossible to survive under the current economic circumstances in Zimbabwe. Inflation has spiralled out of control, reaching over 1700%.

The trade union organisation, although it has called for a work stoppage, is not encouraging the population to hold public protests, for fear of the brutal repression expected from President Mugabe's regime.

There has been no letup in the attacks against the Zimbabwean trade union movement over recent months. In March, the Zimbabwean police raided the head office of the ZCTU. The union offices were ransacked, staff members were physically assaulted, and the finance administrator arrested. He has now been released. The raid was launched whilst the ZCTU was engaged in talks aimed at resolving the catastrophic economic situation crippling the country with the Employment Minister of Zimbabwe and other ministers in charge of economic portfolios.

"We are supporting our affiliated trade union organisation's action and call on the country's authorities to take every measure to halt the systematic repression of trade unions and to ensure an economic recovery," said ITUC general secretary, Guy Ryder.