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IUF Affiliate in Pakistan Secures Significant Progress at Coca-Cola Karachi

Posted to the IUF website 25-Feb-2007

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After tough local negotiations supported by an international IUF campaign the IUF's affiliate representing Coca-Cola works in Pakistan secured significant written guarantees on union recognition and job security.

An agreement signed on February 22 in Karachi guarantees the company has to recognize and consult with the union in future when issues affecting jobs arise. It also ensures that in future any permanent workers whose position becomes vacant will be replaced by permanent workers. Both represent major achievements by the union in a country where such rights are rarely secured or respected.

The union has expressed its appreciation to IUF members and others who supported their struggle. Commenting on the outcome to date IUF general secretary Ron Oswald said, "There was a clear message from thousands of IUF members and others from around the world to Coca-Cola that the Karachi struggle was gaining public attention and had support. Without that I am far from sure that local management in Pakistan and Coca-Cola's corporate management would have been willing to agree to these significant advances for the union." Oswald added, "Significant issues still remain between our affiliate and Coca-Cola at the Karachi plant and in Pakistan more widely. At this point we are suspending our international campaign but we will be monitoring the situation closely and offering any and all support our affiliate there needs as it struggles to defend important worker rights and interests."