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Musim Mas Union Leaders Sentenced to Prison/Call for International Action

Posted to the IUF website 03-Feb-2006

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The 5 trade unionists on trial in the Bangkinang State Court (Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia) on charges stemming from a strike and demonstration last year at the PT Musim Mas palm oil plantation and refinery in Palalawan were declared guilty and sentenced by the court on Friday, February 3. SP KAHUTINDO PT Musim Mas Union Chairperson Robin Kimbi and KAHUTINDO Riau Province Regional Secretary Masry Sebayang were sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment. Union leaders Suyahman, Safrudin, and Akhen Pane each received one year and two months. Sruhas Towo, the sixth union leader arrested later in connection with the strike and demonstration, is awaiting trial on similar charges.

The IUF denounces this hideous travesty of justice and will be calling on its members and all supporters of human and trade union rights to take appropriate action with respect to the government of Indonesia, the Musim Mas company, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (of which Musim Mas, owner of the world's largest oil palm refinery, is a prominent member) and the supply and production chain which ultimately rests on the savage employment practices and state repression on display in this trial.

Free the Musim Mas 6!