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Gate Gourmet Dusseldorf: Protest march in Zurich!

Posted to the IUF website 17-Jan-2006

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Gate Gourmet workers from Dusseldorf descended on Zurich on Monday morning, 16 January, to bring their demand for fair negotiations to Gate Gourmet European headquarters. In sub-zero temperatures, they gathered first in front of the Gate Gourmet facility at Zurich airport before proceeding to Gate Gourmet International headquarters, a 15-minute march away.

The rally and march was organised by NGG Dusseldorf with the assistance of the Swiss public employees union, VPOD, in Zurich, the union representing Gate Gourmet workers in Switzerland.

VPOD president Daniel Vischer welcomes the Gate Gourmet Dusseldorf workers to Zurich

Gate Gourmet welcomes the Dusseldorf workers to Zurich

On hand were supporters from the VPOD and their membership at Gate Gourmet, from activist groups - who kept the protesters fed and warm with hot soup - and from the IUF.