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Update on Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel Cricket Campaign

Posted to the IUF website 06-Jan-2006

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In September the IUF launched an international campaign urging English and Pakistani cricket representatives and fans not to patronise the Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel during the English cricket team's tour of Pakistan in November and December 2005. In particular the campaign called on the representatives not to use the hotel around the time of a cricket match held in Karachi in mid-December.

The IUF launched this campaign in response to the Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel's mass dismissal of workers in 2001 and continuing refusal to recognise or negotiate with the local union (a member of the IUF-affiliated Pearl Continental Hotel Workers' Federation).

We can report that during the period of the match in Karachi no members of the cricket team, nor those associated with the visiting and local entourage, stayed at the Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel. This is an important development in the campaign as it demonstrates that the refusal to recognise the union and respect labour rights has had negative effects on the hotel.

The Karachi Pearl Continental Campaign for trade union rights continues. Further updates can be found at www.asianfoodworker.net.