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Indonesian Sugar Workers Fight for Rights: International actions begin in Hong Kong against major shareholder

Posted to the IUF website 09-Aug-2005

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HKCTU members protest outside the offices of Robert Kuok's Kerry Holdings

The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) protested outside the Hong Kong offices of Kerry Holdings on August 2 in support of newly emerged Indonesian Sugar Workers Federation (FSPM-TG). Kerry Holdings is owned by Robert Kuok, a major shareholder in the sugar plantations at the centre of this important struggle by Indonesian sugar workers and the independent union movement more widely in Indonesia.

A representative of Kerry Holdings met the protesters to received a letter from the HKCTU conveying three demands: the reinstatement of Daud Sukamto, president of FSPM TG to his job; cease all harassment of the FSPM TG; and respect the democratic right of Indonesian workers to join the independent trade union. Leaving peacefully, the protesters announced that if there is no positive response, further protest actions will take place.

The Hong Kong action coincided with protests at Indonesian consulates in several countries around the world (click here for more on this) and signals the start of a determined international effort by the IUF to support members of FSPM-TG as they fight for their rights. For background to this conflict and to learn how you can help click here.