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Actions around the world signal start of global campaign in support of Indonesian sugar workers' federation

Posted to the IUF website 04-Aug-2005

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ACTU President Sharan Burrow and NUW National Secretary Charlie Donnelly lead demonstration in front of the Indonesian Consulate in Melbourne

IUF affiliates in Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Canberra and Wellington simultaneously protested outside Indonesian consulates in support of the day of action called by the FSPM TG, the IUF's sugar workers' affiliate in Indonesia. This co-ordintaed action signals the start of on ongoing international campaign the IUF has launched in defense of the rights of our sugar workers' union in Indonesia.

About 30 trade union activists set up an energetic picket in front of the gates of the Indonesian Consulate in Toronto. Union representatives eventually managed to deliver a letter in person and speak with Consular officials who later came out to speak with the group.

Trade union activists rallying at the Indonesian Consulate in New York City. Union representatives were eventually received by Consular officials.

The union delegation didn't manage to get beyond the gates of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra (Australia), but an official accepted their protest letter from LHMU Canberra Secretary Gil Anderson.

SFWU Wellington Secretary John Ryall joins with SFWU members and officers to deliver a message to the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington (New Zealand): Respect union rights!