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International Solidarity with Jailed Eritrean Union Leaders

Posted to the IUF website 18-Jul-2005

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London trade unionists joined the pro-union, anti-sweatshop UK NGO No Sweat in a demonstration outside the Eritrean embassy in Central London on July 14 to demand the release of three trade union leaders who remain imprisoned after being arrested without charges in late March/early April this year. GMB international solidarity officer Joni McDougall and Tom Malleson from the GMB London region were among those taking part. A group of UK Coca-Cola shop stewards sent a solidarity message in support of the action.

Two of the jailed Eritrean union leaders are from the IUF-affiliated Food, Beverages, Hotels, Tourism, Agriculture and Tobacco Workers Federation: Tewelde Ghebremedhin, who served as federation chairperson until his arrest; and Habtom Weldemicael, who headed the Coca-Cola workers' union. The third imprisoned trade unionist is Minase Andezion, secretary of the textile and leather workers' federation.

The London demonstrators presented embassy officials with petition signatures demanding the immediate release of the prisoners. For more information, and to send a message to the government of Eritrea to demand their release, click here.