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Norwegian Brewery Strike Results in Agreement Setting Strict Limits on Temporary Hires

Posted to the IUF website 02-Jun-2004

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A four-day strike by the Norwegian Food Workers (May 18-21) in the country's breweries has resulted in an agreement with employers which sets strict limits on the use of temporary workers contracted through hiring agencies.

The agreement stipulates that temporary workers can only be hired during holiday periods and seasonal production peaks, or due to unforeseen events and/or an unusually high level of employee absence.

Any company or plant wishing to resort to temporary hiring is now required to discuss with the appropriate union representatives the need for, and the extent and specific details of, the recruitment of temporary workers before approaching a hiring agency. Management is required to present their request to the union representatives as soon as possible so that the union can determine if the planned hiring meets the conditions laid down in the agreement.

The precondition for temporary hires is adequate permanent staffing in the company/plant/department, where adequate staffing is defined to include a normal pattern of employment absences.

The employers and the NNN agree on the need for maintaining quality employment in the sector and the importance of regulating the wages and working conditions of temporary workers to avoid social dumping.

The IUF has congratulated the NNN on the successful outcome of their struggle, which is important for all workers in Norway and internationally.