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Iranian Bakers' Leader, Other May Day Prisoners Released/Success for International Solidarity

Posted to the IUF website 13-May-2004

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Mahmoud Salehi and six other workers arrested on May 1 for participation in an attempted peaceful celebration of May Day have been released after being held in detention for twelve days without charges (for background information click here).
The arrests prompted protests from the IUF and other international labour organizations, and their release marks a significant victory for international solidarity.

Salehi heads the unofficial bakers' organization - independent of the government-controlled "Islamic Labour Councils" - in the city of Saquez. He had previously served ten months in prison for his defense of workers' interests.

The prisoners went on hunger strike during their detention, in the course of which Salehi's family members were aggressed by the security services. The prisoners were also physically abused during their detention.